Supreme Court, siding with Starbucks, makes it harder for NLRB to win court orders in labor disputes
The court unanimously rejected a rule that some courts had applied to orders sought by the National Labor Relations Board in favor of a higher threshold, sought by Starbucks, that must be met in most other fights over court orders, or injunctions.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has aimed an injunction at Lucid, Inc., an Arizona-based electric vehicle manufacturer, for allegedly engaging in practices that undermine workers' rights to unionize.

Former Republican NLRB chair Ring says agency is ‘rewriting’ federal labor law
Ring and others criticized recent NLRB decisions during the House Committee on Education and the Workforce’s hearing.

Res-Care / Equus to Pay $125,000 in EEOC High-Risk Pregnancy and Disability Discrimination Case
Settles Federal Charges Workforce Services Provider in Southern New Mexico Failed to Grant Medical Leave and Fired Employee.

Honolulu restaurant, HR company settle EEOC suit claiming co-owner targeted gay workers for harassment
The co-owner allegedly exposed his genitals at work, asked for oral sex and commented on male workers’ sexual orientation, EEOC said.

New York State Takes the Lead in Introducing Paid Prenatal Leave for Medical Appointments of Pregnant Employees
NY budget includes a new provision for paid prenatal personal leave, which is an amendment to Section 196-b of the New York Labor Law, also known as the New York State Paid Sick Leave Law.

Termination Letter to Zeus from Mount Olympus HR
As discussed, this letter is an official notice to inform you about the termination of your position as "King of the Gods" on Mount Olympus.

Evolving workforce means changes to HR approaches
Understanding the perspectives of younger generations personally and professionally can help older generations with new approaches to careers and business, Laura Ford, senior consultant in the human resources and compensation consulting practice at Gallagher, told HR professionals on Thursday.

After HR probe, Richmond officials suggest ‘restructuring’ of election office
Review finds violations of nepotism and ethics policies.





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