Compass Coffee workers say company’s hiring boom is an anti-union tactic
In the weeks since workers at seven Compass Coffee locations announced plans to unionize, the Washington-based company has gone on a hiring spree that organizers and labor experts say is a traditional tactic to try to dilute pro-union votes.

Amazon must comply with US agency's pregnancy bias probe, judge rules
A New York federal judge has ordered to comply with a subpoena from a U.S. civil rights agency investigating claims that the online retailer discriminated against pregnant warehouse workers.

Texas judges prevent Biden administration from enforcing protections for LGBTQ+ students
Two federal judges in Texas have prevented the Biden administration from enforcing a series of protections for LGBTQ+ students included in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

House Committee meets to discuss how to make Arkansas more accessible for those with disabilities
A House Committee at the Arkansas State Capitol heard from multiple state departments on what they’re trying to improve under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Bryan ISD School Board And A Former Central Office Administrator Settle Allegations Of Discrimination And Retaliation
Bryan ISD school board members hold a special meeting to resolve allegations of discrimination and retaliation by a now-former central office administrator.

Key Developments In Equal Pay Litigation: Maintaining Privilege Over Pay Equity Audits And Investigations
Government agencies and private plaintiffs’ counsel alike send a clear message: employers must take pay equity seriously. One way employers can address this message is by considering periodic audits of their pay practices and/or investigations of any unexplainable pay gaps or irregularities.

Gender fluidity was never a phase. These 13 ancient cultures prove it
Prior to American colonialism, gender variance has been embedded as part of indigenous culture. Namely, Two-Spirit (2S) people were seen as gifted and honored amongst Native Americans before European settlers violently reframed gender for the sake of Christianity and British legal standards.

Texas agency renounces workplace training that mentioned gender identity definitions
At one point, the presenter broached the subject of gender identity, explaining concepts such as what makes someone “cisgender” or “transgender” and what it means to “deadname” someone, or intentionally use the name a person was given before their gender transition. By Wednesday afternoon, the department wanted its employees to know it was sorry for the training, calling it “misinformation.”

I Worked Quite Well With My Disability. That Never Stopped Customers From Saying Wild Things To Me.
"Every day seemed to offer new surprises and things were said to me — often in the guise of 'help' — that I never thought I’d hear come out of people’s mouths."

AI-Related Downsizing Is Growing More Common. Is This The Future of Business?
A recent AI pivot at an accounting giant has some people thinking that AI's invasion of the job market is well underway.

How HHS uses shared certificates in hiring
At the Department of Health and Human Services, using shared certificates in some instances has cut the agency’s time-to-hire in half.





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