Affinity Group Fundraising

Tuesday, July 30, 2024 - 3:30 pm-4:45 pm Eastern Time

A GrantNewswatch Program

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Many nonprofits often overlook fundraising via affinity groups, although this approach can help identify untapped major donor prospects and “low-hanging fruit”. Moreover, affinity group giving can yield significant funding opportunities for not-for-profits. Aside from this,affinity groups are typically more amenable to hosting nonprofit speakers which can also assist your organization in developing new donor pipelines.

This webinar will also include an introduction to “Affinity Group Fundraising” to understand the concept and its importance in 2024 fundraising including potential challenges and solutions. Successfully defining affinity groups by identifying groups of people linked by a common interest, identity, religion, or purpose can yield fortuitous fundraising results.

Highlights Include:

  • Dynamics of affinity group fundraising
  • Traditional affinity group Fundraising vs. Entrepreneurial affinity group Fundraising
  • Developing a Win-Win Dynamic for Converting Members Into Donors
  • Creating Robust Relationships with Organizations Within Your Community to Establish New Pipelines of Financial Support
  • Up and Coming Groups to Delve Into
  • Securing a Win-Win plan for turning group members into donors
  • Cultivating relationships with organizations in your community
  • Trends in affinity group giving to secular not-for-profits
  • Understanding how religious tenets and philosophy impact giving habits
  • How To of affinity group prospect research
  • Non-monetary giving options:  Creating volunteer opportunities for affinity group members at your organization
  • Timing your affinity group fundraising
  • Ascertaining the benefits of Targeting Affinity Groups: including Higher engagement rates, increased trust, and tailored messaging.
  • Employing tools and techniques to identify potential affinity groups within your supporter base.
  • Crafting customized communications that resonate with each affinity group's values, interests, and motivations.
  • Leveraging digital technology to manage, engage, and fundraise from affinity groups.

This 75 minute seminar includes a Q&A and discussion of strategic problem solving and Development How To’s.


Bill Edelstein is a consultant specializing in helping not-for-profits develop diversified revenue streams. He has worked with such affinity groups as school alumnae and parent groups, Rotary clubs, National Network of Grantmakers, Women in Philanthropy, The Working Group, and Hispanics in Philanthropy to name a few. He holds Advanced Degrees in Education and Not-for-Profit Development. His professional work is focused on Donor Relations and Fundraising. Bill is an adjunct professor at John Jay College of the City University of New York.

Bill Edelstein


I participated in the P2P webinar which, by the way, was amazing. Thanks for all the information you shared. - Elliot, Adcieo

Thank you Bill!! I enjoyed the presentation, in fact one of the best I have attended in some time. - Wendy, Ferris State University

A great Grant Writing Class 101! - Cheryl, Tulane University

Keep up the great work. Really glad I was able to join today. - Anna, Community Bridges

Thanks so much for an amazing Webinar.  So much info there.  I’ve already sent my notes to the fundraisers but I am glad they will be getting your recording! - Diana, St. Joseph Center

Thank you for your time and effort teaching this course – I am really enjoying participating with other ‘students’! - Liz, AFTD

GREAT CLASSES! - Karen, Chicago Urban League

I’d like to thank you once again for the great virtual facilitation and training sessions. You were patient, understanding, engaging, and checked in with us on our learning in several ways. I admit that this is a very busy time for me as it is reporting season so I wasn’t able to participate in the homework the way I would have liked. I was so grateful that I felt nothing but understanding from you and was able to learn so much from your sessions! - Clarinda, United Way of Central Minnesota

Thank you Bill. I found the course helpful because you provided a comprehensive overview of all the moving parts with grants management and specific resources to help. - Julia, Wings for Kids