Joint Use and Pole Attachments for Electric Cooperatives and Municipalities

October 30-31 | Live Streaming Online

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of 5G small cell deployment and fiber-to-the-home expansion, it has become evident that universal broadband access is essential for various stakeholders, including educational institutions, healthcare providers, and remote workers. As a result, telecom companies, electric utilities, and government entities at the federal, state, and local levels have made significant investments in broadband infrastructure.

Electric cooperatives and municipalities play a crucial role as pole owners and attachers in this dynamic environment. To navigate effectively through the changes and capitalize on the opportunities presented, it is imperative for these organizations to have a comprehensive understanding of pole attachment agreements.

The Joint Use and Pole Attachments for Electric Cooperatives and Municipalities course will cover a broad range of topics:

  • Understanding the terms and conditions of pole attachment agreements
  • Managing interruptions in the attachment process
  • Ensuring consistency in 3rd party attacher application across the organization
  • Implementing new or updated agreements where feasible

By mastering these essential aspects, participants will be better positioned to succeed in the face of the anticipated surge in pole attachment activities in the coming years. Special discounts apply for groups of 5 or more so register your whole team today!

Learning Outcomes

  • Review practical frameworks that will set up the joint use function of your organization for success
  • Review the patchwork of federal, state, and local pole attachment laws and regulations as they apply to your situation
  • Review common joint use and pole attachment license agreement provisions and their practical implications
  • Examine the rights and obligations of utilities and joint-use/third-party attachers on new and existing poles
  • Analyze and understand the transfer process
  • Discuss how industry trends such as fiber deployment and wireless attachments are impacting pole owners
  • Determine who is liable for the cost of correcting existing violations when new attachments are being made to existing poles.
  • Examine NESC issues related to pole attachments
  • Assess the business case for an effective inspection program
  • Discuss potential software solutions for managing the coming workload
  • Identify drone and electronic pole measuring devices to expediate data collection



9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. : CENTRAL TIME

Introduction and Course Overview

A New World of Communications and Technology

  • 5G and its impact on existing networks
  • Technology demands during/post COVID-19 pandemic
  • Remote workers moving to rural areas increasing technology demands

History of Joint Use and the Regulation of Shared Infrastructure

  • Electric power, wireline telephone, cable television, wireless service, 5G
  • Federal policy objectives
  • State vs. federal regulation
  • Investor-owned utilities vs. electric cooperatives and municipal utilities
  • Other applicable federal statutes

Federal Regulation of Wireline Pole Attachments

  • Access requirements
  • One-touch make-ready

Federal Regulation of Wireless Attachments and Small Cells

  • Federal vs. State and local regulation
  • Pole-top access requirement



9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. : CENTRAL TIME

Negotiating Pole Attachment Agreements

  • Types of agreements
  • Common contract provisions
  • Amending agreements vs. negotiating new agreements
  • Rental rates, inspections, fees and charges