Biden picks new leader for troubled bank regulatory agency
President Joe Biden plans to nominate Wall Street regulator Christy Goldsmith Romero to chair the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the White House said Thursday, picking a new leader for an agency marred by revelations of pervasive sexual harassment and years of mistreatment of employees.

Goldman Sachs aims to double lending to wealthy private bank clients
Goldman Sachs aims to double its lending over the next five years to ultra-wealthy private bank clients with account sizes exceeding $10 million, as it gathers more deposits to supercharge lending, the bank's private banking chief told Reuters.

Bank of Mexico says it could act to restore 'order' in markets
The Bank of Mexico is monitoring recent volatility in domestic financial markets, including foreign exchange markets, and could act to restore order in the event of "atypical" or "extreme" behavior, the bank's governor Victoria Rodriguez said on Wednesday.

Bank fires employees over fake keyboard activity
Wells Fargo has conducted a rash of sackings in recent weeks after claims some of its employees were faking keyboard activity to fool the firm into thinking they were working.

Bank of Canada Official Says QE Helped Lift Growth By As Much As 3%
A senior Bank of Canada official on Thursday provided one of the central bank’s most fulsome defenses yet for purchasing a sizable chunk of bonds during the pandemic, saying the efforts lifted economic output by as much as 3%.

Taiwan Central Bank Sees Inflation Coming Under Control; Keeps Rate Steady
Taiwan's central bank said on Thursday it saw inflation gradually coming down for the rest of the year but the overall tone of monetary policy remained hawkish.

Defrauded? Banks May Not Give Your Money Back
Wells Fargo says it has no obligation to return the money. It alleges in a letter to the Pollards that they did not report the stolen check until more than two months after it was deposited. The bank says it informs its customers that they “must file a timely claim for any suspected fraudulent transactions on their account,” within 30 days of a fraud or forgery event.

U.S. Middle Market Optimism Surges, While Small Businesses Proceed Cautiously
Middle Market: Optimism soars to 68% and key growth indicators reach six-year high Small Business: Mood and plans hover near pandemic-era lows, even as recession fears subside.

Hong Kong central bank keeps key rate steady, tracking Fed move
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) left its base rate through the overnight discount window unchanged at 5.75% on Thursday, tracking a move by the U.S. Federal Reserve to leave rates unchanged.



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