The Business Case for DEI in Banking

May 31 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Central Time

A Program

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If the financial services industry is to truly earn the full trust and respect of all segments of our society, banks must be as diverse as the communities in which they operate and serve. In this session, participants will learn why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are critical to their institution’s long-term success and profitability. An extensive body of research suggests that organizations that excel at DEI are higher-performing companies measured by business, financial, brand, and talent outcomes. It is more important than ever for banks to implement policies and practices that welcome and engage talent across a diverse range of identities inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation. For younger job seekers and Gen Z employees especially, diversity and inclusion in the workplace are not a preference. They are a requirement.

What You'll Learn

  • The state of inequality in America
  • The state of DEI in financial services
  • The economic cost of Black inequality
  • How DEI drives employee engagement
  • How diverse teams drives business performance
  • Understand how a culture of inclusion underpins all DEI efforts


Francis Janes

Francis Janes serves as the Industry Relations and Partnerships Director for Beneficial State Foundation. In this role, Francis supports financial institutions with their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and ESG initiatives. Prior to joining Beneficial State, he was an Associate Director at the International Living Future Institute. At the Institute, Francis led the development of a social equity in the workplace organizational assessment framework branded as the JUST Program. Prior to his work at the Institute leading the JUST Program, Francis worked in the financial services sector in a variety of management roles including five years as Vice President Relationship Manager at Beneficial State Bank. Prior to his work in the financial services industry, Francis was a Senior Account Executive with SHL Systemhouse and delivered Information Technology consulting and solutions to Fortune 500 companies.